Optimise Your Investment in Fleet
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The value of Fleet and Fuel’s support will depend largely on an organisation’s fleet size and how well the fleet and suppliers are being managed.

KeysExperience shows a typical fleet should achieve the following:

  • Average cost savings that equate to £500 per vehicle, per year (equivalent to £41 off the monthly lease cost of every vehicle, month after month).
  • A company car scheme that appeals to both employer and employee
  • A fuel policy that ensures accurate business mileage reimbursement
  • Efficient management of Pool Cars
  • Control of Grey Fleet drivers
  • Robust governance
  • Staff equipped with the skills to support drivers and manage suppliers
  • Efficient management of cash-takers
  • A fleet that is structured and aligned with corporate objectives

Financial ROI

An organisation operating 75 vehicles and commissioning a basic Fleet Audit, should achieve payback in about a month, following implementation of the audit recommendations. An organisation with a fleet of 300 vehicles should expect to see annual savings of £150,000.

Softer ROI

Although harder to quantify, many organisations value the knowledge that their fleet has been audited against industry best practice and that they have a road-map for future fleet development.

Management will spend less time on fleet issues and drivers know the conditions under which they are allocated a vehicle and allowed to drive on business. Business mileage reimbursement is recognised as fair, by both employer and employee, and exaggerated claims become a thing of the past.

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