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Fleet Training

Training word cloudFleet and Fuel offers a range of training designed for staff with little or no fleet experience up to a more detailed level for lessors’ account management and sales teams.  Our fleet training is bespoke, which ensures that we understand and address your key objectives.  When providing training we have three main objectives:

  1. To ensure the training is focused on the needs of the individual
  2. To make the training interactive and enjoyable
  3. To help staff become as efficient as possible, as quickly as possible

Our preferred method of training is 1-1 or through an interactive workshop of up to 8 participants.

Fleet Management Training

Our Introduction to Fleet Management will ensure your staff are equipped to develop an effective fleet policy and drive out cost. The training is typically over 2-3 days and is structured to suit specific needs. Topics typically include:

  • Supplier selection
  • Managing negotiations to get the result you want
  • Cash allowances
  • Grey Fleet
  • Managing whole-life costs
  • Replacement cycles
  • Tax considerations
  • Pros and cons of different funding options
  • Fuel management
  • Maintenance management
  • Fleet policy documentation

Our training will equip your staff with a thorough understanding of fleet and the skills to drive down cost. We would normally expect organisations to achieve a 10% to 15% reduction in fleet costs, once the participants put into practice what they learn.

Training for Lessors

Leasing is a mature market, characterised by numerous suppliers, knowledgeable buyers and tight margins. To compete, many leasing companies attempt to improve sales through professional sales training. Whilst this clearly has a value, there is a tendency to focus too much on process and sales technique rather than successfully differentiating the sales proposition – not too surprising given that many sales training organisations don’t really understand the leasing and fleet management market.

Our approach is to build on the typical sales skills that most sales and account managers will already have and help them identify how their proposition truly adds value. This approach provides participants with a greater confidence and encourages them to develop a truly consultative approach to sales. This is particularly powerful for companies wishing to generate cross-sell opportunities and those that want to shift the balance of negotiations from price to value added.

Training for Vehicle Manufacturers

This training is designed to help customer facing staff improve sales and service through a better understanding of the needs of fleet managers, HR directors; Finance directors and lessors. It can be combined with the Fleet Management Training programme, where a more in-depth understanding is required. Participants will be become more knowledgeable, credible and better positioned to explore, understand and satisfy the needs of their customers.

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